Unique Financing Solutions

a RANGE OF FINACE OPTIONS AVUILABLE TO ENABLE YOUR BUISNESS TO GROW.pngI am pleased to announce we now have multiple funding solutions to satisfy every financial need from small business with a turnover of £100k upwards.

If you are looking to undertakes a project but financing it is a barrier we can help with some unique solutions.

Solutions are equity or debt as appropriate but now extend to research and development tax reliefs where even a change to a process making your business more efficient could be an opportunity for cash back.

If you have undertaken a property transaction in the last year our team can investigate the reliefs you could have claimed and seek refunds for the stamp duty you paid - again cash back .

There are many £100m's that go unclaimed every year due to the system complexities.

Click on the link  wwwcorporatess.co.uk/finance

email ian@corporatess.co.uk