We have 5 funding products available to enable your company to unlock its potential

(1)  Equity funding for small businesses with turnover as low as £100,000+

(2)   An equity products designed to support your business - Fast Tap  investments from £500,000 

(3)  A Revolving Credit product where you pay for what you use from as low as £85,000 

(4)   RD Tax Credits

(5)   Land Tax  Relief reducing stamp duty costs 


We are now able to help more Small Business Owners

A new funding service with  our equity investors are now able to help small business owners with a turnover of £100k + to:

  • Survive
  • Grow
  • Develop
  • Expand
  • Retire
  • Sell
  • Something Else

Trades or labour based businesses are not eligible .



Helping UK Engineering Manufacturers to Recover & Grow

FIRST TAP: A Game Changing Equity product

  1. NO Repayments
  2. NO Refunds
  3. NO Claw Backs
  4. NO Admin

Turnaround, Restructure, Develop, Grow, Exit.

We can see the value of your company in difficult times as well as good.

UK Manufacturing company in any of the following sectors:

Food: Plant Etc.
Agriculture: Tractors. Combines Etc.
Boys Toys: Robots. Jets. Boats Etc.
Aerospace: Planes. Helicopters. Space Etc.
Pharmaceuticals: Testing Equipment Etc.
Transport: Trains. Lorries. Cars. Motorbikes Etc.
Construction: Machinery. Cranes. Earth Movers. Plant Hire Etc.

Are you ready to change your future?

Our HNWI & Family Offices are looking for UK Engineering Manufacturers to support.

Turnaround, Restructure, Development, Growth, Exit

If you are struggling:

To borrow £500k-£5m

With cash flow issues

Let’s have a call, as we will listen to your plan and look to make a decision in principle within minutes.

As long as we can build a Credible Growth Plan and there will be Life in your Company

We are flexible and solution driven.

That means we:-

  • do not come with any predetermined ideas,
  • or ‘sell’ any particular services
  • we listen, then we listen a bit more, then we ask you a few questions and if all goes well we will stretch your imagination with a comprehensive range of options.

We then work with you to deliver the outcome that best suits you.

This is how Fast Tap works because it is an option that suits everyone as we put

  • value,
  • sustainability and
  • growth at the core,

whilst delivering the best outcome for you and your business. and 07803605751



A Revolving Credit Facility; No Monthly Capital Repayments

Increasingly there is a 'one size fits all' approach to lending with capital interest loans offered that are not best suited to SME's looking for working capital.

We understand that it is often difficult for a growing company to both create additional free flow cash to be able to service the interest, while at the same time generate profit for capital repayments.

Instead of being locked into expensive monthly capital repayments, you could be paying back capital when it suits you...

Let us introduce you to a Revolving Credit Facility (RCF) that is interest-only for a full 12 months and offers a market leading rate of just 0.075% per day. It works like a bank overdraft, and you only pay for the fund if you draw it down, and only for as long as you need it. This means you can pre-arrange the level of funding required, without interest charges until you actually need the funds.

Best of all, when you do need the funds, you only have to pay the weekly interest until you're in a position to repay the capital, during the full 12 months. And it's renewable should you need funding for longer.

Credit limits are available between £10,000 and £500,000* and funds are transferred promptly

* Facility limit is £10,000 to £85,000 unsecured and £85,000 to £500,000 secured. 3% facility fee is taken from the capital balance but can be paid directly by the customer.

The funds can be used for a range of purposes; from moving premises and recruitment, to salaries and Crown Debt. Any capital repaid is immediately made available again as credit, making it a truly revolving facility.

If you would like to know more about the Revolving Credit Facility, give us a call and we will be able to help. 07803605751

** Subject to director screening, credit checks and affordability

** Funding provided by Just Cash flow PLC    

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Required solutions for business can translate directly into cash.

Whether you are creating a new product  or required  modify a machine to satisfy a request from a customer for a product modification,  or you are looking to increase the efficiency of your machine so it increases productivity it is all qualifying  expenditure for research and development tax relief  which is cash payable direct to your business account. 

It is cash you are entitled to so let our team of experts review your  expenditure. 

call Ian on 07803 605 751 


On average £ millions of land tax has been overpaid because of the reliefs that are available  and not claimed 

For instance: 

Suppose a company buys an office building for £1m, of which £200k is land.  Rent is £50,000 pa and interest £30,000.  Corporation tax at 19% on £20,000 would be £3,800.  But now there is also Structured Building Allowance (SBA) of £16,000 leaving taxable income of £4,000 and tax of £760.  This reduces the tax bill by 80%!


  1. Have you during the last 12 months bought property?
  2. If so are you confident that you mitigated the tax you paid by claiming ALL the reliefs that are available ?
  3. If eligible we can recover overpaid land tax by retrospectively applying for the the reliefs that would have been available during the last 12 months.

Simplistically the government website will  set out the stamp duty you need to pay on a property transaction.

This is  where your  solicitor will go for compliance with the stamp duty regulations.

However your solicitor will not tell you how to apply for the multitude of reliefs  available to mitigate the cost of acquiring your property. 

Domestically this works on higher value  purchases but gets interesting with complex transactions 

Our team of experts can  review transactions during the last 12 months,  free of charge to determine whether there are reliefs available which can be retrospectively applied.

Call today Ian 07803 605 751