Live Projects

Early stage companies

Working closely with the following live early stage businesses:  

  • Supporting a new team who  sustainable technologies and materials which a have bio degradable qualities solving a problems  for companies facing land fill tax for non biodegradable materials enabling 360 deg recycling;   
  • Working with a company focused on  critical components for the space sector and interchangeability to new aircraft design  for the aerospace sector;  
  • Solving the problem of weight and  transportation efficiencies for the marine sector focused on the motor yachts and luxury yachting  sector. from recycled raw materials;
  • A sustainable cosmetic company developing all inclusive cosmetics with medical benefits  and solving a sustainability problem  and medical condition;
  • Development of a waste to energy plant solving the problem of  waste and creating electricity and fuel with zero carbon emissions;    
  • Energy systems across the  transportation sector  with zero emissions;
  • An innovative cloud based solution to answer a question within the  multiple sectors; 
  • A revolutionary dual fuel system; 

Forensic Investigation work 

  • Investigating  fraud within a substantial logistics business ;
  • Work in this area has enabled a company to continue s to successfully trade despite onerous activities of a fellow director. The problems created have been investigated and reversed so that the activities can continue; 
  • Forensic investigation is continuing across a substantial commercial matter and  demonstrates the ability of Corporate Strategic Services to work at the very highest level;

Business Growth 

Successfully supported a small business that has been operational for over 20 years with highly innovative IP but we were able to successfully win a contract that effectively doubled the revenues. This small business has been operating within the construction sector.

M&A - Sale of Business

Recently sold  £25m turnover non core business  from a PLC to a competitor looking with a focus on this sector. This involved a complex unravelling of the  interconnected internal links to create a stand alone operation. The result was achieved by successfully managing multiple internal resources whilst ensuring the core activities continued unabated and deadlines achieved. A really great result for all involved. 

New Business Line

Successfully created a new business line for a PLC operating in a new  UK region 

Low Cost  Housing

A sustained project over a number of months lead to the creation of plans for low cost housing, offshore to create 300,000 houses. This included linking with international contacts for the manufacturing of the units, the location and set up of a plant and full logistics management, project management, security and delivery. The project would include an educational element to up-skill a workforce and provide a qualification

Environmental Project

Currently engaged with a sustainable long therm project to create electricity  on a commercial scale. Stage 1 of a 3 stage project is complete and currently engaged with funding for stage 2.