Business Advisory

Business Advisory

With a total of 30 years’ experience and knowledge working across multiple types of organisations from large PLC’s to smaller SME, many of the principles are interchangeable. Business needs focus.

There are multiple business models that can be applied to

Strategic Planning and Growth

We will analyse the environment you work within, assess the values expectations, objectives and the resources.

We will generate a series of researched options, which can be evaluated and lead to the selection of the strategy.

We will then assess the people and structures organisational structure and plan the resources so the business is balanced to succeed in the strategy.

Business plans and integrated financial forecasts

With the clearly defined strategy, we can then build the business plan with embedded financial forecasts to ensure the strategy can be achieved. The financial model will determine the funding need and worth of the business.

Structured board meetings will ensure the plans are fulfilled with minor adjustments responding to the environmental aspects that impact on the business. Risk and resilience planning are key.

Growth Funding

The business is now oven ready for funding assessment. Clearly defined strategy, a structured business plan, sensible and balanced financial forecasts and a record of structured board meetings now means the funders can assess the business whether debt without compromising on equity; or a straight Private Equity injection for development capital.

We now have options.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Drawing in 15 years of M&A experience buying and selling a multitude of diverse businesses could be the right way of achieving a lifestyle change. Researched and targeted buyers or sellers, all centred around the structured business plan.

Continuous Improvement

The key to business improvement is Lean Thinking  linked to Continuous improvement (CI) and is a culture – it keeps the focus on improving the way things are done - on a regular basis. This can happen through progressive improvements to processes or by focusing on achieving larger process improvements. It’s important however not to miss the smaller, incremental changes that when aggregated bring valuable and significant improvements to your business.