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Driven to provide a service of excellence to support your company and enable you to scale the heights as your business develops through the growing pains to maturity.

Balanced capital  blending equity and debt  ensures the business platform is based on foundations of rock is the starting point  for your journey. It enables you to capitalise on those growth  opportunities as  you sail the seas of business expansion  

A team with  30 years of experience and success in growing PLC's and  SME operations alike.

Fund Raising 

Mergers and Acquisitions 

Business Improvement  

Mountain Path

Fund Raising 

To envision your aspiration we need to  find the right blend of capital that works 

Is it Debt?
Is it equity ?
Is it a blend of both?
Tax planning! 
Whatever it is it will support your investment.
This may seem daunting but it really does not need to be!

It begins with you defining your need  and the classic question...
"What problem am I solving?" 

The process has started !

Then we move to the...  
business plan
pitch deck

So good to go! 

We talk to the relevant funders and there are many types  all with their own criteria so it is a case of finding the right fit. 
"Investors back people" -  

Once we have options on the table  it  is  
The Term Sheet and
Added value of the investor
Due diligence, legal documents and  completion Then 
Cash in the bank  
Your vision journey is moving,


We do all  of  this directly or within our network of support

Yes we do this 

Yes we do this

Yes we do this

Yes we do this 

Yes we do this
Yes we do this 

Wooden Hut

Mergers and Acquisitions

Taking on an acquisition of any size or looking to sell your business that has been a part of your life for years  can be a daunting process.

We understand! 

Having bought and sold circa 30 business over the years we have the  experience to know bringing together willing parties, buyers and sellers  means a deal can be struck through negotiating which satisfies everyone's objectives.

We set realistic timelines 

We  source the target;

We create the right team for the transaction;

We will get to the heads of terms legally; compliant  we  manage the due diligence with the right professionals;

We will work with you to ensure the decision to proceed is right for you;

We  work through  the various sale and purchase agreements with legal advisors  and importantly will be bring in the tax advisors so you are getting the best net result; 

We get the deal done 


Mergers and Acquisitions 

Business Improvement 

With specialist partners we can lead teams to increase productivity through:

Process improvement and training of your teams, 
HR recruitment and people support services,

Specialist Task Force for Care improvement

Systems integrity and cyber security,  

Lead generation for your sales team 

Insurance Services 

Business Recovery

 Sometimes  we encounter financial problems perhaps with a bad debt or maybe market conditions take an unexpected turn so we have the links to Insolvency Services as well